The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is only the most comprehensive and exacting technique of designing, executing, and installing any fabrication that a business or individual could ever want or need. What is the key to what makes the Gottman Method so great? It is none other than Gottman Electric & Metal Works' Founder and CEO, Terry D Gottman.


Terry Gottman (L) and Mayor Bill Curtis (R) posing in front 

of the Mt. Vernon, IN city sign (also constructed by Terry).

Gottman: Small Town means Big Business

For 64 years, Gottman Electric has been serving the town of Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Our business caters to other businesses and individuals primarily in the tri-state area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, but we produced business in at least fifteen other states. Formerly Gottman's Electric, Terry established the Gottman Electric Company in 1978. The name changed again to Gottman Electric & Metal Works Inc in 2004.

Terry is always eager for new business opportunities. If you or your business have any inquiries, our website is designed for your use.

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